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is here to be of service to you. Below is a list of current services. If you desired special projects or consulting services, please use the Contact Us page.

Success Session

• Free to nonprofit Executive Directors
• Complimentary 30-minute session
• Exploring your needs and challenges as an NP Director
• Celebrate your successes
• Identify areas where you could use some assistance


Fundamentals and Understanding with Networking

• Community of nonprofit professionals
• Creating a community of support
• Virtual group setting
• Two calls per month
• Opportunity to ask burning questions
• Useful tips and tools each month   

Success Circle

• For Nonprofit Executive Directors only
• Limited to 6-8 to provide intimate group
• Virtual, monthly three-hour session
• Structured process
     o Masterminding
     o Leadership training
     o Accountability
• Members benefit from insight and growth
• Interview process and a commitment of six months

Wellness Inventory

 Online assessment
• See your life visually - Are you in balance?
• 12 di
fferent dimensions
• Monitor progress
• Email reminders
• One year access

Welcome to our community

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Here is what a few of our satisfied clients have said about the Nonprofit Success Network.  


"Words cannot express how grateful I am to Cindy for her knowledge, wisdom, dedication, and passion. As a new founder and executive director, I was feeling very lost and anxious. Working with Cindy has made me a more confident and effective leader."

Teonna Woolford


"Cindy is a master at helping you understand what is takes to have a successful organization and keep your sanity. The way she breaks things down helps you see the importance of doing what seems a mundane task and the impact it can have for your organization and fundraising. She knows the value of having support and guidance with resources."

Deana Mitchell


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