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Are you looking for personal and professional development opportunities? Do you want to belong to a community of like-minded individuals? If you are a nonprofit Executive Director of a small nonprofit organization, applications are currently being accepted for the new SUCCESS CIRCLES.  Click for details.

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SUCCESS can be yours by...

Serving Others 
Utilizing Resources 
Commitment to the Mission and Yourself 
Communicating with Confidence
Exciting Other to Share your Vision 
Simply with Systems
Share and Celebrate your Successes - Tell your Story

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Meet the Chief Resource Connector

With over twenty-five years of experience in the nonprofit sector, Cindy has a dream to help new Executive Directors build strong healthy nonprofit organizations, so they can build capacity and serve more people while keeping their sanity.  The Nonprofit Success Network was formed with that in mind.  

Cynthia A Walters, MSSW, CNP


Cindy Walters is a graduate of the American Humanics degree program (now called the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance).  

It is her wide and varied experience, including working for national affiliates (American Red Cross, Camp Fire Inc., American Cancer Society, YWCA), and local independent agencies (Women’s Resource Agency, and Lena Pope Home and the Golden Key Honour Society), that gives her the depth and breadth to find solutions to build stronger agencies.

After receiving her Master of Science in Social Work - Planning and Administration she began her career as an Executive Director. She served as Executive Director for three organizations in three locations, including ten years as the ED/CEO of the American Red Cross of North Texas.

At one time, she was considering returning to school to get a doctoral degree to teach others about the nonprofit profession. She realized she would rather work directly with Executive Directors of small nonprofits and their leadership to provide training and support. It was the actual implementation rather than the academic theory that helped her build capacity for the organizations she served as Executive Director. It was relationships, systems and resources that allowed her to succeed.

Cindy states “My passion and mission are to help Executive Directors and agency leadership build the capacity to create solid organizations, to better serve, and show the impact they are having on their clients, to their funding sources. I want to help you!”

Thanks for making a difference

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Here is what a few of our satisfied clients have said about the Nonprofit Success Network.  


Words cannot express how grateful I am to Cindy for her knowledge, wisdom, dedication, and passion. As a new founder and executive director, I was feeling very lost and anxious. Working with Cindy has made me a more confident and effective leader.

Teonna Woolford 


Cindy is a master at helping you understand what is takes to have a successful organization and keep your sanity. The way she breaks things down helps you see the importance of doing what seems a mundane task and the impact it can have for your organization and fundraising. She knows the value of having support and guidance with resources.

Deana Mitchell


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